Friday, November 03, 2006

First Post

aight, I have meant to do this for some time. I moved to LDN about a month ago, but have only just got the time to sit down and sort this ish out.

A bit about me.........

Like I said, I moved here about a month ago, now inhabiting the east end. Prior to that, I spent time in various cities, including some oop norf. I hold a decent degree in philosophy and politics from a decent university and currently work in politics. aside from that, I spend my time listening to hip hop and rapping. I'm into music generally, though, so don't think I'm jst some uneducated hiphop head who knows nothing about jazz, blues, rock, classical, etc., or I'll have to put you in ya place and make ya career fall off ike it was michael jackson's face......

A bit about this blog.........

It was originally conceived as being a much grander project than the humble post you are currently reading. However, the pressures of trying to do an internship in parliament while looking for a job, applying to do an mphil and trying to sort out the requisite medical care down here unfortunately precluded such grand designs. Instead, you shall be treated to the late, post-nero, roman ruins that are my life, in regular installments.

Peace out,


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