Saturday, November 04, 2006

Immortal technique - Scary Guy

I like Immortal technique (as the links bar indicates), but sometimes he scares me. I like his honesty and his attempts to say something or substance whenever he speaks. And he does have some really inventive phrases. But he still sometimes scares me. Like just now, I was listening to his song Dance With The Devil for the first time. About thrity seconds in, I was feeling a little ill, but compelled to keep listening. After the song finished, I had to take a few moments to gather myself, it really hits you hard. But that's why what he says has an impact upon those who listen to him; he doest shy away from discussing issues and the way he says it really forces you to take notice and not take things lightly. Does anyone on here also listen to IT? Or are there any other musicians, writers, etc., who you think are keeping it raw?

Still don't know what to make of Dance With The Devil, though. Its not the kind of thing you can like, or enjoy. But its not the kind of thing you can dismiss or ignore, either. The ending is so potent, especially because of the way the start sets it up. I think I'm gonna find a duvet to cower under.


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