Saturday, December 02, 2006

Forthcoming Posts.

I would like to blame my lack of recent posting activity on being incredibly busy. However, my lack of recent posting activity is actually due to a mysterious loss of all energy over the past few days and my spending most of my time asleep good thing dont work thursday afternoons or friday day) and now being incredibly busy since I didn't do the things I was supposed to do while instead sleeping.

Thus it is that, while I have a few posts planned, getting them up here may well take me a day or two. So please find a list of forthcoming posts as a taster to keep you visiting this page. They will, of course, be interspersed with the usual inanities.

In no particular order:
(1) Review/summary of the Charles Clarke lecture to the Fabian Society this week on "The World After Bush"
(2) Statement of political principles (referred to in my Absoluted Idiots (1) post)
(3) Why I am a Marxist
(4) Something on party reform (but not too much, since it is one of my research projects for the new year)
(5) The first post in my Great Figures series. This may or may not be on Michael Young. Or Henry David Thoreau.
(6) A copy of my c.v. should anyone know of any parliament Labour jobs going. (this post may or may not happen, depending upon how desperate I get. anyone with information concerning possible vacancies should email

In the meantime, I urge everyone to rent/buy a copy of the movie version of Stephen King's novella, Apt Pupil, since it is a bloody good film. Starring Brad Renfro and Ian McKellan no less.


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