Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Scrybe Doing a Time Magazine Article.

I'm just using this post to give a shout out to my readers. Having checked my stats for today, I realised this blog got a lot of traffic, especially given that I hadn't posted anything. Its always good to now you're interested, guys.

Also noting I got a lot of world wide reads, so Ima give a big shout out to the folks who read this from........

* Tha UK (always big up my place)

* Ireland (Also a major shout out to Ireland generally for the legendary beverage of Guinness)

* Sweden (I'd attempt to recall some nordic phrases to impress, but I'm likely to fail. Loving the place though - visited once and it was highly enjoyable)

* Ohio, US (gotta love Ohio - v Kerouac-esque)

* Minneapolis, US (Dylan's adolescent home, no? After Hibbing?)

* Washington DC, US (Hi George! lol)

* Redmond, Washington, US (Few old friends from Washington - must visit the place sometime, so feel free to leave sightseeing suggestions on my blog)

* Sunnyvale, Cali, US (Gotta love Cali, especially if you're a hip hop and rock head like me)

* Germany (Again, I've visited and enjoyed immensely - German Uncle, and I love the Autobahn's if you got a fast car!)

* the three readers from New York New York, US (incl. those reading from Chase Manhattan Bank) (ah, NY, the place I wanna live someday - Yankees, Shea Stadium, the hip hop haunts, just everything)

Though I'm a little concerned that someone from the Institute of Psychiatry, LDN, felt this a necessary read.

And I should apologise to the guy who googled "interested in deer hunting" and ended up here.

Please feel free to leave comment, yall.

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