Saturday, November 18, 2006

Facebook Labour Leader and Deputy Elections Update

Okay, my mate Jack and I decided that it wasn't fair that some deputy candidates did not have facebook groups. Given that many members of the Alan Johnson group do not actually support him and just want a place to discuss the forthcomng elections, it was skewing our stats. So Jack has kindly set up groups for Harriet Harman and Peter Hain. Hilary Benn and various others have yet to find representation on facebook. But, with that I am now able to give an update of group support. (Please note that Jack is officially suppoorting the great Jon Cruddas, so his membership of the groups he started is purely tokenistic and temporary).

Harman for Deputy: 2 members
Hain for Deputy: 1 member
Blears for Deputy: 15 members
Cruddas for Deputy: 22 members
Johnson for Deputy: 168 members

Labour needs a REAL contest for leader (and McDonnell is not providing it): 48 members
Gordon Brown for Prime Minister: 79 members
Stop David Cameron...his lies make Baby Jesus Cry: 306 members

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