Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Labour Elections Facebook Update.

Due to sloth (and the fact that I am still working at this late hour), I'm just updating the three main groups today.

Cruddas 21
Johnson 149
Blears 15

Some of the "support" for Johnson is misleading, however - this is actually more a group to discuss the deputy electins generally than a specific johnson supporter group (although there are plenty within the group), as this excerpt (copy and pasted) from the Johnson for Deputy wall indicates (names inventively altered to protect privacy):

C**** G***** (Nottingham) wrote
at 5:24pm on November 12th, 2006
Go Johnson! Anyone but Harriet Harmon...
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S** C****** (LSE) wrote
at 3:01pm on November 12th, 2006
we need a deputy who didn't vote for Iraq or ignore lebanon, almost the whole cabinet is tarnished. Some one like John Denham would restore some balance, or Kim Howells maybe
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F***** G**** D* F****** (UCL) wrote
at 12:16pm on November 12th, 2006
I think that it is far too early to decide who the best candidate is to be the deputy leader. Why have we discounted Hilary Benn? Harriet Harman too.. I was not convinced by AJ at Stoke Rochford.Why not keep an open mind and evaluate each candidate objectively without being sucked into partisan debate concerning one`s past employment..Johnson may have been a postman and trade unionist but surely in this day and age other things matter..I like to think that the electorate and Labour party members are a little more complex and not so easily pleased.I want a deputy leader/PM who can effectively convey our numerous success stories to the electorate but also be honest with us over our failings as a government and provide us with ideas as to how to correct the mistakes that have been made,(we have not had 9years of unbridled success,esp in the realm of foreign policy.)
Lets keep and open mind and see who comes up with the best ideas to lead us into a 4th term.
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