Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Just returned from evening engagement with friend I haven't seen in 3 years and a huge cru of hers. I'm going to report the conclusions and quotables of the night ( may post more later).

(1) Apparently I've turned posh. According to aforementioned friend. Since attedngint he uni she is currently applying to. Apparently it is because of attending the uni she is currently applying to.
(2) I'm not the only one having an "interesting" time in westminster. If you know what I mean, you know what I mean.
(3) My mate has not gronw at all in the three years I've not seen her. I called her "diminutive" - she took this use of "big words" as further evidence of conclusion (1).
(4) The Red Lion allows you to pull your own pints of snakebite.
(5) You can go to major fesitvals and lounge in the VIP seciton if you masquerade as the MP you work for. I am booking my sex-change operation as we speak.
(6) I can get absolutely legless and not give away any secrets (or things that have not been officially decreed as "secrets" but, nonetheless, by my judgement, should not be discussed with others).
(7) I can get absolutely legless and not have altercations with random metal sidewalk things (y'know those railings they put in the only crossable bits of most LDN streets). Unlike one of my friends (yes, H O-A, that does mean you, lol).
(8) I can get absolutely legless and still spell correctly and write a readable (although possibly uninteresting) blog. At least, I think I can. Gawd, do I feeel like that train engine. Do correct me if this conclusion is wrong.

And now........

THE QUOTABLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My friend, explaining her breakup with the guy she was seeing when I last saw her : "Yeah, well.......I tried telling him six years ago that I was a dyke, but he just wouldn't listen."

From pretty much everyone tonight : "I f***ing hate my internship!!!" and "I never see my MP!!!!!!!!!"

From me : "I never see my MP AND everybody I speak to thinks my research project is impossible to do in the time I've been given. I even have ex-tutors saying they couldn't do what I've been asked to do - and THEY TAUGHT ME FOR THREE YEARS!!!!!!!!!'

Someone who should have been working with someone else I know : "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont send that text!!!!!! AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Now he's going to think I'm really bitter and hate him and I don't...."

My response : "It's okay - he'll be kewl. Besides, judging from the swift response to the last text, a wind up reply would be the requisite response from me."

(If you get the reference for that one, you should have done. If you didn't you weren't supposed to.)

From a text message just received frm my mate : "aah....I knew you liked him."

My response : "Meh. I is ghetto, I dont do liking." note: this is in reference to someone we met tonight, if you weren't there then it wasn't you. And yeah, I is ghetto. And no, I don't do liking. But he was kinda, um, yeah.).

From a random person who accosted me upon leaving the tube station : "Eh, drugs, would you like somee? Buy? Buy them - only £20" They were offering me a bag of sealed Maom (or w/e its called) sweets.

Updates of facebook/labour thing tomorrow am - promise! But I will now affirm that I found out today that there are two (YES 2!!!!!!!!!!) groups for JON CRUDDASS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Each has ten members, so the toalt below should be 20 for Jon Cruddass, not 9 as originally reported. Full update by noon tuesday.


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