Sunday, December 10, 2006

I'm More Democrat Than Republican.

Your Vote Score: 14% Republican, 86% Democrat

You fit well with the Democrat party, and you should almost definitely vote Democrat this election.
In fact, you're so strongly Democrat, a political career (or at least some activism )may be in your future.


Anonymous David Floyd said...

I got 27%/73%:

"While you don't always agree with the Democrat party, it's a pretty good match for you. Do be sure to research each candidate. A liberal Republican or independent candidate might fit you better at times."

I think this is misleading, though because I probably took a notionally Republican position on questions like 'do you support the right to abortion in all cases?'.

I'm a pretty extreme liberal on abortion - I don't think it's easy enough in Britain - but that's some distance from supporting it in all cases.

Also 'gay marriage' is American issue that has little relevance in the UK.

I don't support gay marriage because I think our new civil partnership laws are pretty good - I don't object to people calling civil partnerships marriage if they want to - and I don't see the relevance of straight marriage to non-religious people, either.

I also don't support pulling out of Iraq right now although, unlike leading Democrats, I was strongly opposed to going in the first place.

They also didn't ask 'do you support public ownership of the commanding heights of industry'?

12/14/2006 1:20 PM  

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