Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Scrybe's Job-Related Happy Bunnyness Cont....

The reason I haven't posted today is that it was my first day on my new job. Cue lots of work and commuting oop nawf (well, cventry is north from LDN, lol). In my two trips, I have sussed that the Hammersmith and City line does not function properly until at least 8am - cue frantic phone calls to new boss apologising profusely for enforced lateness as I'd missed my train from LDN). Fortunately, my bosses are delightful and didn't bollock me. :-)

Loving my job. Very pleased to be working with a great and very affable team, and there is sufficient structure to the projects I've been given to start on to make sure I am not left to do an impossible job unsupervised (unlike previous unpaid job). Also loving the bit during work when we were arranging the printing of my business cards. Yay! I get business cards! (Please bear in mind that this is my first foray into the world of business card-possessing).

I'm commuting again tomorrow, so probably wont be posting again until late, but bear with me as I'll get into a rythym and then the regular posts shall return.

I am also, of course, not going to be posting as much over the Christmas period (though I'm not going to do a Hamer Shawcross and give a "temporary farewell" post when there's a chance I may sneak in a post or two more before the new year.

Finally, I'm very much loving having been linked to by Jon Cruddas - take it he's sussed out how to do that now. ;-)

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