Sunday, December 03, 2006

Wine, and other tippling overs....

Okay, I MUST warn you - Tesco's Canti Merlot Sangiovese (from Italy as it repeatedly tells you) is, without doubt, the worst wine I have ever tasted. Admittedly it only costs 4-5 quid. but I've tasted cheaper priced wines which taste better. Well, I figured I should mark my entry into the class of champagne socialists in the appopraite way....I apologies for the wine not being champagen, I'll get around to that once I am ggainfully employed.

Seriously,dont buy this wine - it tastes like cats pee. Not that I've ever actually tasted cats pee , you understand.

Tonight I learned why Patrick Diamond did not do a geography degree. Pub just around the corner?

I also met plentiful interesting people. But none with a story quite as amusing as this one which I shall not even deign to name check - the post about the boy says it all. It acted as a light hearted and parochially amusing counterpoint to the forced mingling with randoms I had to undergo tonight in the name of imminent unemployment. I much prefer mingling when I'm not desperate for a job. Speaking of jobs, have you managed to find me one yet? That may have been particularly directed towards certain particulars, but it applies to all, since my ability to post here is affected by my job hunt.

So much for those generally on-point and intylektural posts I mentioned earlier. I'll try to get back to them. But for now, I am despairing in the midsts of desperation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you tried Tesco's Rosé? That's fantastic for cheap wine.

12/03/2006 11:52 AM  

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