Monday, February 12, 2007

Comment of 2007

A few of you may remember that a while back I started a 'series' on here of the best comments by bloggers on another blogger's site. Hamer Shawcross was the inaugral winner. Unfortunately, it stalled due to a lack of interesting comments unearthed by Scrybe, and Scrybe's latent inability to spend hours searching for such comments. But now, thanks to ParburyPolitica's help, it is back!

May I give you...the Best Blogger's Comment On Another Blogger's Blog of 2007......

.As for Ivory Towers. Don't play that one with me man. You're as establishment as I am. Tory Agent, candidate, A-lister, Campaign Director to the Shadow Home Secretary, BBC commentator. You're hardly Chez Guevara are you?

Tom Watson. On Iain Dale's webshite.


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