Thursday, December 21, 2006

First Post From A New Job.

So I'm keeping it ultra-short. Going for drinks tomorrow evening near/in Westminster with a Good Egg, colleague in fabianism, and friend, which I'm looking forward to.

it was a horribly cold day today - I was out at 6.30am too! I saw soemthing which looked suspiciously like snow outisde Euston station but did not investigate further. I bloody hope its not snow, anyway.

Will return to political posting later night - gonna fire off some devil's advocacy on the British identities and, specifically, something positive about Englishness (see BBC news on comments from the Welsh Ass. if you want to guess my thoughts).

Update: And its a great and joyous job to do! (note the happy bunnyness lacing this post) :-)

But my blackberry is still playing up. :-(

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