Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Update of Labour elections.

Here's how facebook are calling it so far:

Cruddas 4 Deputy (group 1) : 15 members
Cruddas for deputy (group 2) : 11 members
Johnson for deputy : 114 members
Blears for deputy : 16 members

I'm voting Labour in 2007 : 86 members
Brown for Prime Minister : 78 members
Tony Blair is a National Hero : 10 members

So, alan johnson seems pretty popular then. But looking at the members list, I can see quite a few paid up tories supporting him, so I wonder how this will translate in the real world.

If I'm not mistaken, support for Hazel Blears has haemorrhaged, while the two Cruddas groups, taken together would give a misleading score of 26 since some people are members of both goups. Therefore, we shall settle with the conservative figure of 22 for Cruddas.

The other potential candidates are still unpopular to have their own goup. Although Jack Straw does have the support of 48 people over his veil comments. You really don't want to read some of the posts about that.

(If anybody can do screen grabs of the facebook site - I wouldn't say no to the group pages for any of the above).

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