Sunday, December 10, 2006


Okay, you heard it here first folks! I can, exclusively, reveal that NewerLabour has, as of earlier today, been co-opted to the Young Fabians as Regions Officer. Congratulations mate, well deserved, and I'm gonna be in touch about stuff, fo' sho. Hope your coach home wasn't too uncomfortable.

And sorry for stealing your thunder regarding announcing this. ;P

Anyone who is not a member of the Young Fabians or, if you are over the age of 31, the Fabian Society, should immediately rectify that situation.

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Blogger el tom said...

Cheers dude! It's out now!

I would extend unto your good self the same courtesy, but I can't tell what the hell your role was! Splitting things is a complicated process!

How was the rest of today? My sincere apologies!

12/11/2006 2:13 AM  
Anonymous Kaz said...

Scrybe, My reason for not e-mailing is that I didn't see your last post as Bob has removed the posting.

12/11/2006 10:41 AM  

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