Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Further Facebook/Labour Update.

Having painstaking cross-referenced names in the two Jon Cruddas groups, I can now give you the official update for today.

Jon Cruddas: 23 members
Hazel Blears: 15
Alan Johnson: 119 (HOW? HTF DID THAT HAPPEN??)

I'm Voting Labour in 2007: 86
Gordon Brown for Prime Minister: 79
Prime Minister's Questions: 317
The Bevanites: 15
Tony Blair is a National Hero: 10

I've got to work now, but hopefully I will update again later, with the membership numbers for such illustrious groups as "Margaret Thatcher Appreciation Society" "Death to Margaret Thatcher Society" and the respective Labour and Conservative groups. This may take a little time, since some groups may differ in their "joining requirements" (i.e. they may limited to certain universities, or require the creator to okay people's applications).

I can, at this stage report that there is a sizable David Cameron support group, and the members cite reasons for their support, such as "I think he's HOT." Now, that's what happens when you ignore Bevan's call for a totally free NHS and start introducing fees for glasses, amongst other things.

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