Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Reasons to Keep the Lords (1)

They are kewl. I could give many intelligent reasons - and I have, elsewhere - but the fact is, the ceremony is brilliant. And it wouldn't be the same if the Lords were/was not the Lords. You couldn't have the robes, and the pomp, and the ritual with a Senate or a Chamber of Deputies. It would, quite frankly, be rubbish. Played out. Analogous to a boy band reuniting after a 20 year split.

I'm not saying they shouldn't be elected. In fact, I've argued elsewhere that they should be. But they must remain the Lords.

I also fail to see any reason to erase such a symbollic aspect of our culture only to rename and rebrand it as Lords-lite. Whish is what a Senate (or any other name) would be.

On this, the dear Bard was wrong (okay, I know he was writing about roses and love, but there is patriotic love in this) - The Lords by any other name would not be as sweet.


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