Thursday, November 23, 2006

Scrybe's Night Out

(1) Left work

(2) Considered possibility of pushing certain individuals (herein CI) under SUV's/lorries/passing buses without facing subsequent prosecution.

(3) Phoned certain other indivdual (herein COI) to find out why they were not in the St Stephen's Tavern.

(4) COI turned up and made mistake of asking how Scrybe's day was.

(5) Scrybe regales COI with point (2)

(4) St Stephens is full of political people. Scrybe and COI wander around Westminster. Scrybe repeatedly makes pronouncements which are surely punishable as evidence of attempted terrorism. Or attempted GBH, at least. Or at least ought to surprise passers by. In an attempt to be reasonable, Scrybe resorts to incarticulate "aaarrrrrrggggghhhhh" sounds instead of getting arrested by nearby police for articulate comments.

(5) Scrybe and COI enter pub. COI buys Scrybe plenty gin.

(6) Drinking of gin quells Scrybe's rage. Or at least takes priority over the expression of it.

(7) Scrybe explains legitimate some of the reasons for Scrybe's rage.

(8) Scrybe apologises profusely to COI for erratic behaviour, then explains some of the reasons for it.

(9) COI points out that Scrybe's behaviour is not erratic, but a rational response to an irrational CI.

(10) Return to point (2)

(11) COI plies Scrybe with more gin.

(12) COI and Scrybe wander around Westminster some more, winding up back at St Stephen's Tavern.

(13) Scrybe is further plied with alcohol.

(14) Scrybe is drunk enough to consider switching sides and/or kidnapping CI for purposes of torture comparable to Scrybe's experience today.

(15) Scrybe is drunk enough not to bother, but adds CI to list for "when the coup happens."

(16) Scrybe overhears conversation about football and forgets points (2)-(15).

Anyone care to better this?


Blogger Hamer Shawcross said...

Er, the boss was being a pain in the arse was he/she, scrybe?

11/23/2006 11:10 AM  
Blogger Scrybe said...

'twas extraordinarily bad day yesterday, hamer. among other things, I got invivited to "participate" in a meeting where my role was to not say anything but be present to take the blame for my boss's inadequacies (oranything my boss said which others at the meeting disagreed with). this I wouldn't have minded had I been informed that it was to be my role prior to said meeting. or at least that I would have to sit there for ages in bored (and occasionally shocked) silence.

also didn't help that my boss repeatedly messed up my name (I'm not kidding) to bemused glances by others. boss also came out with some rather accurate comments which are nevertheless surprising coming from Boss.

v v v bad day. :(

fortunately, gin was on hand to help. gotta dash - got a briefing on alcoholism to write! ;P

11/23/2006 11:30 AM  

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