Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pick of the Petitions. (1)

I had to trawl through a search of the e-petitions at Number 10 to see what had been suggested regarding "parliament" (just for fun, you understand) and came across these....

Petitions like this one make me consider that the e-petitions function may serve one glorious purpose - discouraging people from sending petitions which it is, quite frankly, a social embarrasment to publicly support. But then, I see it happens anyway.
We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to To acknowledge fetishism and sadomasochism as sane sexual practices (23 signatures)

A petition to keep Galloway off the top spot in the charts?
For the past few years the lucrative music market at Christmas has been dominated by manufactured TV tie-in 'acts'. We know that the Prime Minister can play the guitar, so how about releasing a song this Christmas to give us a change at the top of the singles charts? This would be great for the British recording industry and would also, I am sure, increase younger voters' interest in politics. (25 signatures)

This one is for the Hamers....
We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Move Parliament to Bradford. (59 signatures)

This is what I was actually looking for, I knew that someone had to have created it......
We cannot afford both parliament and royalty anymore! Politicians are too expensive. They are untrained in what they do and yet they want parity with doctors and head teachers. Cromwell must be turning in his grave, he knew about this sort of corruption and self-interest. Taxation is getting so bad now that there is nothing out there that isn't taxed to the hilt and it can only get worse. Brown has turned into Dick Turpin rather than actually deal with anything,throwing money at the problem. Big egos create ever increasing entourages, and this is what the infrastructures have become. my solution is(as the infrastructures are now there),make the royal family work for a change), anne in charge of Defra(we won't get any £200 million fines for not paying up on time). Getting rid of hundreds of mp's would save millions before even tallying their expense accounts and perks.They are just 'hogs in the trough'and removed from any 'real' reality. (1 signature, thgouh I'm somewhat tempted to add to it, just for fun)

And finally....
The Cornish have long maintained that they are a nation seperate from Scotland, Wales and England. They have their own language, and once had their own currency, and in the past the Cornish Stannary Parliament could veto Westminster. A large percentage have preveously petitioned for a Cornish National Assembly. They once produced 1/4 of the worlds tin to fuel the industrial revolution, and still produce 1/4 of the china clay. 4th? whatever happened to Northern Ireland? (35 signatures)

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