Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Blogging and Campaigning: Notice Board. MUST READ!!

Okay, I posted about an event recently and some of us thought that it would be useful if there was some level of Labour organisation when it came to publicising events. I went away and did plenty of thinking (okay, about ten minutes while at work today), and I cam up with this:

A New Blog (No, this one isn't closing down, it will be another blog), inventively titled "The Notice Board."

I'll set up an email account to which anyone can send their events. It will be checked at certain points during the day, and events listed. This way, in addition to being advertised on individual blogs, there will be a blog-format one stop shop for all events. They can be campaigning events, CLP events, think tank events, anything Labour related (even in the most tenuous of ways - all charities, etc., also welcome).

Posts will be tagged with their topic, and region, and the region name will follow the format given by B4L for ease of use.

It would, of course, be useful if other bloggers volunteered some time to sustain this project - the more we have, the less time will be taken up for each of us. Since you would have access to the email address people send events to, I would have to require that you are first listed on B4L as 'proof' of your legitimacy.

I'm hereby calling upon NewerLabour and Parburypolitica to do their fair bit. Mainly because the latter suggested the idea, and the former is a student. Being a student entails (a) having a lot of time, and (b) thinking ideas like this are worth doing. Taken together, (a) and (b) entail (c) signing up to help. Any other volunteers are more than welcome.

I suggest people email and include links by simply posting the url before the word(s) they want used as the link. If it is more than one word, please indicate using quotation marks (or something similar. We can then perfrom the requisite actions vis a vis inserting code.

Please post your comments regarding this idea. If it is supported, I shall personally set up the new blog, an email account for it, and pledge to email all Labour MPs and thinktanks (over the next month or two, given that its Christmas), informing them of this new and wonderful service. But please post, even if its only a "yes, I agree" post, so I have some idea of the level of support for it. Any suggestions for how to develop it (bear in mind my lack of IT skills beyond simple blogging), would be welcomed, too.

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Anonymous Skuds said...

On a first reading I thought you meant to use the "post by e-mail" facility which I thought very brave. (In the yes Minister sense of the word)

Then I read it again and what you are really suggesting is that people e-mail a specific address which is monitored by volunteers who will then post anything (valid) they find there. I hope I've got that right.

Why not? Its a low-tech, no-cost, solution so nothing to lose. No point developing something more complicated without knowing what the demand might be.

Blogger's new category features make it a lot more feasible than it would have been 6 months ago as well.

12/12/2006 10:10 PM  
Blogger Bloggers4Labour said...

Don't know if you got my email, Scrybe, but there is already the B4L Events Diary, and there's a thread on the forum in which a few people discussed the topic. Might be worth having a look, at least so we can decide what works and what doesn't, etc.

12/12/2006 10:18 PM  
Anonymous Andrew Brown said...

It might be that we should think about whether this idea might be a good way of getting data for the B4L Diary.

And with that I'll hop over the Forum to see if there's anyone biting there...

12/12/2006 11:07 PM  
Blogger Scrybe said...


sorry if I've jumped the gun, but I'm not finding the Events Diary - do you have a link for that? Or is it in the forums?

I was going for something that was open to everyone, as I know a lot of people who read blogs aren't members of the forum.


yeah, it was the new category-feature which tipped me in favour of actuallly doing this.

andrew brown,

props for doing that. Ima head over now and take a look if anyone's commented on it.

12/13/2006 3:43 PM  
Anonymous Political Penguin said...

Sorry I've been missing your site a bit, it's on it's way to my newsreader and I know you linked back to a poll I did a couple of weeks and I meant to go through your blog then but got sidetracked. Been through it. Bloody good stuff so link from my blogroll is duly added. Interested in the events system. How are you going to set it up? If you can put it through an RSS output I'd be happen to drop it on the the feeds section of my site. (If I'm being too techie for you, just drop by my site and send me a message through the contact section, I'll explain it)

12/14/2006 1:01 AM  
Blogger el tom said...

I just don't get how it would work... besides, coming up to finals, and election, and having a treasury role as well as YF as well as being a 3rd year Law student, and haing my best mate getting involved with my ex, I think I might have to give it a miss right now... I have some pretty vast morsels on my figurative plate already...

And besides. I'm a lazy bastard.

12/14/2006 4:47 AM  

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