Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Conniving Cameron.

Anyone else notice how, on the way to and from the Lords, he kept trying to be pally with Tony Blair? Also notice how Tony was trying not to respond? I was watching sans sound, and Cameron just looked like a conniving jerk who was more interested manipulating the ceremony than actually taking part in it.

Perhaps I'm biased - matriculation was an important part of my university life. And as much as we all thought it naff at the time, we quickly (i.e. during the ceremony) felt it to be something much more, something which united each and every member of our university. I feel the same way about the Queen's Speech (at least the ritualistic aspect of it). To try to use a long honoured civic ritual for personal gain goes against being British. Clearly, he isn't a one nation Tory, and nore is this one Tory's nation.

Facebook Labour leadership and deputy leadership updates to follow this evening. Along with other assorted stuff.


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